CIREM – Interuniversity Centre for Economic & Mobility Research was established in 2000. The Centre’s mission is to gain a deeper understanding, through scientific and applied research, of the problems associated with the development of regional systems, adopting research methods and tools that favour the integration of economic and social knowledge  with land use,  transportation and environmental issues. The Centre currently counts around 41 professors and researchers from the Universities of Cagliari and Sassari.

CIREM comprises two sections:

- CRiMM (Research Centre for Mobility Models) – comprises professors and research fellows from the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Architecture, Faculty of Engineering & Architecture at the University of Cagliari;

- CRENoS (North-South Economic Research Centre) comprises professors and research fellows from the Faculty of Political Science & Economics at the  University of Cagliari and from DieSiL (Centre for the Economic Dynamics of Local Systems) at the Department of Economic and Business Sciences, University of Sassari.